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Help Page

Karen C Secondary School::G & Counselling




In Karen C Secondary school we have a G & C department comprising of four teachers. These are

1. Mrs Alice Situma (Co-rdinator)

2. Mrs Jane Muigai

3.Mr. David Omondi

4. Mrs Ogutu

We hold G & C sessions every alternate Thursday between 3.30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. these are usually group sessions where we counsel them in groups as we deem necessary.

Sometimes we invite groups or individuals from outside the school. Topics discussed include those relevant to our students lives e.g. sexuality, boy/girl relationships, peer pressure, friendship formation stress management e.t.c.

We also undertake individual counseling where we counsel individuals whom we feel need counseling and some who come to us out of their own volutaruy.

The school has also formed a peer counselors club where a few students are trained in counseling skills so that they may counsel other students at their level. However, they are advised to refer difficult cases to the G & C department

Also, in compliance with the MOE’s directive the school is offering life skills education since beginning of the term. One lesson per class per week is allocated to life skills education. Life skills education was introduced as a stop gap measure when the MOE realized that although people knew facts about HIV and AIDs, there was no behavior change. Therefore, life skills education enhances what v offers and at the same time emphasizing on behavior change some of the topics offered in life skills education include living values, communication, and friendship formation e.t.c

Our main objective in the department is to finally produce all rounded students; well molded in terms of mind, body and soul. The end product is usually a personality that is well balanced and ready to fit the wider society